Y'all Gonna Make Me Burn My Sage Up in Here, Sage Candle, ritual candle, essential oil, Tigers Eye, soy candle, Palo Santo, wooden wick

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Y'all Gonna Make Me Burn My Sage Up in Here, Up in Here Responsibly grown and harvest Sage and Palo Santo essential oils blended with Pure Midwest Soy wax created to assist with cleansing your space and as a reminder to not take situations too seriously. These powerful personal ritual and meditation smudge candles were made in a seriously chilled out studio with all the best intentions. The perfect choice for someone who loves the smell and power of sage smudging, but may be sensitive to smoke from a smudge stick or pot. Our 8 oz brown jars have clean smooth tops and are not adorned, although they are anointed with essential oil. Our 12 oz vanity jars are adorned with Tigers Eye stones and dried florals (remove before lighting). •Wooden wick Lumentique®️ Double layer wicks. •Pure Soy Wax •phthalate, zinc and benzine free •Handmade candle •Strongly scented •Long burning • Essential oil Handmade in small batches using unique i