Toasted Pumpkin, soy candle, wooden wick, Pumpkin scented, Handmade, long burning candle, Farmhouse, cottage core, Pumpkin Butter

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Toasted Pumpkin Spice handmade wooden wick candles are the perfect candle to transition from Summer into those 'Ber months. It really sets the cool weather vibes, even during the warmer months.l It reminds me of the Pumpkin Butter delicacy we used to have in Fall and Winter. It was similar to Apple Butter but made with fresh Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie Spices. We would gobble it up on warm biscuits and a hot cup of good!! The toasty scent of pumpkin begins from the first light of the wick. As the candle melts and matures the middle notes of butter cream and cinnamon bark join in for an amazing combination. Bottom notes of warm toast and vanilla linger long after the candle is extinguished. This phthalate free fragrance is complemented with natural essential oils, including clove leaf oil, cedarwood oil and cinnamon bark oil. Note Profile: Top: Fresh pumpkin, cloves Middle: Buttercream, cinnamon bark, clove Base: Toast, vanilla *Handmade *Long burning-7-9 hour