The Weary World Rejoices, Soy Wax Wood Wick Holiday Christmas Candle

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Notes: Top - Sweet Orange Middle - Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove Bottom - Vanilla, Rum True Victorian charm with a blast of North Pole Vibes! The scent of sweet and juicy Oranges simmering in a pot with Spices, Cinnamon sticks and Vanilla...with just a touch of buttered Rum to finish off. From the first touch of the match the scent of my Christmas as a kid comes rushing back. When I was lucky we would spend Christmas in Virginia at my Granny's. She wasn't crazy about the holidays but Grandpa always had their little house decorated. He'd keep a pot of water on the coal stove, drop spent orange peels in it and shake spices in. There would be a small cedar tree in the living room next to the plastic covered sofa and bowls of hard ribbon candy on the tables. Things seemed much more simple then, slower and calmer. Christmas was the prize of a well spent year. I remember all the Christmas music playing on the long trip (8-9 hours) to Granny's and the smell of coffee