The Twins, Beeswax Skull Candle Set, Protection, Ritual

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The Twins, Beeswax Skull Candle Set, Protection, Ritual Pure beeswax infused with Sage (Black) and Tobacco (Gold) each candle is dressed with Tiger Eye stones, measures 3 x 3 x 4 and weighs around 9 ounces. This is a SET of one of each, Black (Charcoal Tint) and Gold (Natural Beeswax). Night - Black, Sage infused is made with the intention of cleansing and manifesting protection from negative energies. Day - Gold, infused with natural raw tobacco is made to manifest protection of prosperity and abundance. Basically, The Day (Gold) will protect your abundance and invite prosperity, helpful for your meditation and prayer rituals for success and wealth. Night is a candle of cleansing and protection which will aid in manifesting calm and peace and keep the haters away. Be sure to place, a heat proof candle tray or bowl if you actually burn these friends (which I highly recommend) as it will drip when it melts and will need a shallow vessel to contain the wax as it melts. As with a