The Off Switch, wooden wick soy wax candle, anxiety relief, focus, dream enhancer, calming, phthalate free, essential oil, mason jar

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She is a powerhouse for shutting down the task lists of the brain at night. You know those little to do lists that pop up when you try to pray, meditate or sleep? This sweet little candle flips the switch on those and sets you for peaceful sleep and sweet dreams. She slowly and without you noticing starts to shut off those internal messages, anxieties about unfinished business and calendar lines for the next day. The key to a productive day is a restful nights sleep. This wonderful little pot of magic flips the switch off to those annoying mental pop ups that keep you awake. A hot cup of tea, a steamy shower and a relaxing scent of The Off Switch will set your night for a relaxed and restful slumber. We suggest lighting this candle when you come home to end your day to allow the scent to fill your space and set a backdrop a peaceful evening. Be sure to extinguish the candle before going to bed. We offer this in wax melts in our flameless section for those who use a warmer a