The Four Thieves, insect repellent, holistic health spray

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Our special blend of The Four Thieves spray is is perfect for all seasons! Spring/Summer- Mosquitos and biting/stinging pests as well as a VERY effective natural spray deodorant. Fall/Winter- Helps reduce the spread of bugs, great on the go hand cleanser as well as deodorant. 🌿 The legend of The Four Thieves tells of four thieves who robbed the homes of the dead during the bubonic plague. One of the thieves was an herbalist who made a tincture from Apple cider vinegar and herbs which they applied to themselves and wore on scarves tied over their faces. The tincture was credited for preventing the thieves from contracting the plague and keeping them healthy during their deeds. One account of the story says they were eventually brought to trial and given their freedom in return for the potion, another is they were forced to bury the bodies of the dead and released after they survived as they were believed to be Witches. Regardless of the ending, the formula survives an