The Fence roller ball for protection, cleansing and calming, glass bottle, handmade, witch, altar, ritual, ceremony, peace, Redwood, saffron

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Cedar wood cleansing and protection blessing, banishing and charmed intentions. Our The Fence roll on oil is an ancient blend intended to be used as personal fragrance. Cedar wood and Red wood essential oil, when used for charms and such is often referred to as “The fence” due to its powerful characteristic of forcing harmful projections out and keeping protective powers in. We add oil made with a saffron infusion to increase strength and abundance. The Fence gently protects and banishes by charm not harm. It promotes privacy and protection. This beauty is infused with redwood, cedar wood, Amber and Sandalwood oil, Saffron infused oil, dried roses (heart protection) Lavender (Peace) Saffron (Abundance) Tigers eye (protection) and Mica (flexibility) Cedar wood holds the power of protection and cleansing. We blend ours with pure Redwood (Sequoias) essential oil and infused Saffron oil all responsibly/wild harvested. This element has been used from the time of Ancie