The Blue Hour, wooden wick soy candle, Lavender fragrance, Cashmere scent, phthalate free, clean scent, essential oil, chill vibe, purple

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THE BLUE HOUR - LAVENDER, OUD, CASHMERE, SANDALWOD, MUSK, VMBER, TEA The so-called 'blue hour' is the period of time just after the sunset, around dusk when the sky takes on inky, indigo hues and before it becomes impenetrably black with little twinkles of starlight coming into view. Its my favorite time of day when I'm fresh from a hot, relaxing shower and my hands are wrapped around a warm mug of Lavender tea and the scent of cashmere fabric softener drifts up from my fresh from the dryer robe. Thoughts turn to what went well today and what tomorrow has in store for me. It's the perfect time to stare off into the universe and think about how small we are while we start to unwind from the hectic day. Staring into the sky as it takes on the ombré effect from deep azure to magenta, azure, amethyst then black. That really is so much more fulfilling than staring at a blue screen and sorting the emails or social media content. I curated this candle to bring you d