Southern Cemetery, scented wooden wick soy candle, handmade candle, evergreen, moss, musk, earth, vmber, ethereal, witch vibe, mysterious

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Southern Cemetery Evergreen, Earthy, Musk scented wooden wick soy wax candle. This scent is a wonderful blend Southern Pine, Fresh mowed grass, Musk, Forest Moss, Amber and freshly turned dirt. If you want to learn the story behind this scent, keep reading. I did fragrance inventory recently and organized our oil storage. In the process I apparently messed up and blended two oils together (Pine and Vmber) in one of our large storage jugs and marked it Vmber (that V in Vmber should also be an A but we aren't allowed to use that word on this platform). So Dustin was mid-pour on a batch of candles that were supposed to be a blend of Egyptian Musk, Vmber, Sandalwood and Oud. However, unbeknownst to him, the Vmber was mixed with Pine/Evergreen. So I walk in the studio and immediately smelled something off (wonderful, but wrong) from what I was expecting. After some sniffing of bottles I realized I had combined several pounds of Amber fragrance with my Evergreen blend.