Social Anxiety, Wooden wick soy wax, anxiety relief candle, self care, self acceptance, self care, self love, stay home, luxury candle

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Social Anxiety- Soft cashmere, aromatic resin, vanilla and light woody musk Those moments when you feel pressured or compelled to give people access to you. You DO NOT have to go, invite people in or be in situations that aren't your vibe. Everyone doesn't deserve access to you and "No." is a complete sentence, you are free to say it. This candle can be used for so many situations, it is a warm blend of soft cashmere, aromatic resin, vanilla and light woody musk to wrap around you like that perfect oversized sweater you have. Associate this scent with the empowering process of just saying "no, thank you". Helpful in those situations where you usually make an excuse because you can't bear the thought of being around others or at that place or for that long. It's ok, you don't always have to be available and you don't have to keep a list of excuses at the ready. This blend also calms and gathers your emotions to allow you to feel rela