Sleep, wooden wick soy wax candle, sleep and anxiety relief candle

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Sleep- Lavender, sage, eucalyptus and spearmint and Cedar Used to start the wind down into the quiet hours without blue screens, interruptions and distractions. A good day starts with a great nights sleep. Offered as part of our Un-Medicine Cabinet line up, specifically curated to give you a way to build a self care tool kit that requires little working knowledge of aromatherapy or reading lengthy descriptions and applications. The label will tell you what you need it for. You can easily and affordably build a tool kit (that still looks good on a shelf) for easy grab and light aromatherapy options. This candle is a perfect tool to start a bedtime routine, critical for a consistent good nights sleep, which is the path to a wonderful day. This candle is a wonderful tool to associate the bedtime ritual of winding down, processing the days experiences and preparing for tomorrow. Light a Sleep candle, run a hot bath or prepare your potions for a steamy shower. Pour a wonderful war