Sisters of the Moon, Patchouli, Hemp, wooden wick, candle, soy candle, phthalate free, sleep, anxiety, sensual candle, soft scent, exotic

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Sisters of the Moon - Aromatic resin, Patchouli, Hemp and Clove bud oil. The song “Sisters of the Moon” was conceived when Stevie Nicks caught her reflection in the mirror and, in an out-of-body experience, took pity on the woman she saw staring back at her. Its lyrics are some of her best and most cryptic: She is appraising these versions of herself—the superstar performer and the detached spectator—and trying to reconcile them. Within Nicks’ performance is the blueprint for rebalancing a fractured soul. –Sheldon Pearce **So we make our choices When there is no choice And we listen to their voices Ignoring our own voice** 2020 seems to be the year, perhaps the start of a decade, of reconciliation and facing demons of our own and others. Repairing fractured ethos and healing generational injuries. I have a circle of women who are more like sisters to me than just friends. We seem to be connected by the Moon, nature, common pasts and paths. Durin