Poo Poo Spray, Potty Spray, toilet freshener, Spray before you poop spray, poop spray, essential oil toilet mist

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Essential oil spray before you boom boom, poo, make a grumpy, take the Browns to the Super Bowl, pity or whatever you call it at your crib...we all do it, we might as well make it smell like we don't. Simple to use, just spray 2-3 times onto the surface of the toilet water BEFORE you do your business. This magic potion will create a force field on the surface of the water and keep the not so pleasant smells under water until you flush. Our blend doesn't contain any harsh chemicals that can react with toilet cleaners or damage septic chemistry or harm water ways. This Original scent is a blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Citrus. Available in 2 ounce shatterproof bottles, making them desecrate enough to carry in your purse or backpack for on the go events. Potion: Deionized water, Witch Hazel, Alcohol, Glycerin, Essential Oil. Legal Disclaimer : WARNING: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. These statements have not bee