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Granny's Medicine Leaf Balm An easy to use, natural remedy for those annoying (and painful) bites that are just part of summer. It works great for hang nails, dry cuticles and the itch that comes with healing cuts and scrapes. When I was a kid my granny used to call it medicine leaf. When we were out working in the yard and I would get a bite she'd point to the weed and tell me to mash the leaf and rub it on, it worked everytime! It turns out grandma's “weed” was actually broadleaf plantain (Plantago major), and it's nearly miraculous for treating bug bites, stings and many other ailments. I added Jewelweed as an extra kicker for relief from the itch of poison vines and camphor to help with the pain (I put that stuff on everything)! Simply scrape a little bit out and rub it in your palm until it melts, then apply to the affected area. You can also rub your finger directly on the balm in a little circle until it melts in the tin. Always make sure to wa