Petrichor, wooden wick, soy wax candle, storm candle

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Petrichor…that weird and wonderful scent that comes just before a heavy rain when the earth is dry. It’s actually the smell of a really cool and necessary part of soil ecology. Note Profile: Top: Ozone Middle: Parched Earth Base: Geosmin, Plant Oils It’s a mix of ozone, geosmin (Actinomyces species bacteria important to soil ecology) and plant oils. These components are released from extremely dry soil just as the first drop or two of rain hits the parched earth. Science is so cool. Everyone can’t detect this scent just before the perfect storm, for those of you who can, you’re going to love this weirdo! For decades candle makers have tried to recreate this scent and recently candle oil suppliers have been releasing some very close scents. I played with one recently and added a few weirdo oils of my own and to us, it smells very much like rain coming in on hot cement or partched farmland. This scent isn't for everyone! We will try and keep sample