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It’s a known fact that Satan hates Lemon baked goods, ask any Grandma you know, that’s what keeps him outta the kitchen. Lemon pound cake, Lemon Cookie Bar, Vanilla and Sugar. Bad days and wonky vibes don’t stand a chance when this scent fills your space. Seriously though, there really is a lot of empirical data that goes into my blends, even if the names seem pithy. The scent of lemon is associated with cleanliness, organization, wakefulness and even wealth. Aromatherapy and plant magic are tools everyone should have in their self care bag. The smell of baking cookies will fill your home with the scent of Lemon, sugar and crispy butter cookie. Soy wax is combined with the scent of Meyer Lemons, sweet butter cream frosting and delicate cookie to create the perfect happy little citrus scented candle. The creamy texture of this naturally tinted candle will flawlessly flow into any decor. The Patented Lumintique wooden wick adds a warm and welcoming flicker an