Ms Laundy?s Oil, skin care, hair, beard, cuticle, nail, face, wrinkle, scar, argan, macadamia nut, mct, essential oil, natural, calendula

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All in One beauty oil, perfect for about all that ails your skin and hair. Just two pumps into your hands and apply starting at the neck and sweeping upwards across your face, under eyes and through your hair. It creates a beautiful healthy glowing palette without being greasy. The one oil for everything. Fine line minimize Skin illuminate Scar reducer Healing oil (cuts, bites, scrapes) Make up brush cleaner/conditioner Beard oil Dry hair treatment Cuticle conditioner Dandruff treatment Rashes Dry winter feet Like the snake oil of years gone by this is a one size fits all for anything that might ail you (except actual pain, disease, sickness, health issues, lol). This isn’t the old Dr. Kilmers Kidney, Liver, Bladder Root oil, but it can quickly mend dry skin, dull patches, chapped lips, cracked hands and cuticles, ashy elbows, frizzy hair, itchy beard, winter skin, wrinkles, baby butts, dandruff, rough feet... If it’s part of you, this blend helps it. A magical ble