Ms Laundy?s Cream, Healing Oil, skin care, hair, beard, cuticle, nail, face, wrinkle, argan, mct, essential oil, natural, calendula

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We combined our super thick, rich and luxurious skin cream with our Ms. Laundy's All in One beauty oil, perfect for about all that ails your skin. We made a face cream cold whipped for a quick absorbing and super hydrating nighttime skin face and neck cream. There are no SPF protection for this cream, use at bedtime or under an SPF for daytime use. Remove a small amount of product and put it on the back of your hand, use two fingertips and gently tap under eyes moving upward in gentle swipes. Apply to entire neck and face in an upward motion (don't help gravity by going down). Available in a 2 oz (bedside) jar or an 8 oz (bathroom sized) jars. I keep the smaller size in the fridge for a quick morning boost to those bags under my sleepy eyes. Like the "snake oil" of years gone by this is a one size fits all for anything that might ail you (except actual pain, disease, sickness, health issues, lol). This isn’t the old Dr. Kilmers Kidney, Liver, Bladder