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Our Monster Spray is non- toxic fragrance spray that might be useful in helping your child sleep better at night if they are showing signs of anxiety or fearfulness in their room. Some pediatricians and child psychologists discourage the use of Monster Spray as it validates the fear that monsters are real. As a mother of four my personal opinion has always been to not stop of discourage my kids imagination by telling them that monsters or bad things aren't real. When my kids were small I used Monster Spray along with developing cleaning habits to help my kids with their fear. It's hard for a monster to hide under the bed or in the closet if there isn't any dirty laundry or toys to hide under. We would tidy the room then spray under the bed and in the closets and corners with Monster Spray. If you have decided to use Monster Spray with your littles, we at least have a version that isn't full of phthalates and ethanol. It makes a great freshener too, for those le