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The Full Moon was good to us 🌚.

This listing is for one (14 ounce) 8 inch tall 7 day Money Manifestation candle topped with natural crystals, A Wheat Penny an d Himalayan Sea Salt, layered with botanicals to help draw money to you as your manifest.

Is it going to make all your financial problems go away? No, but they are made to help you focus on your intentions and manifest abundance during these tough economic times.

Maybe…if enough of these use them it might manifest some decent human behaviors on corporations to stop the price gouging at the pumps and stores though, one can hope!

Essential oil of White Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Clove, Mint and Lavender blended into pure soy wax and layered with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (Protection/cleansing), Lavender (Calming), Mint (Growth), Palo Santo dust (Cleansing/Peace) and topped with a random stone of Citrine, Amazonite, Agate or Lapus (each candle will have a random stone on top).

Break out you paint pen, dry erase marker or sharpie and write your intention on the side of the prayer candle to set your intention.

Layered with :

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (Protection/cleansing)
Lavender (Calming)
Mint (Growth)
Palo Santo dust (Cleansing/Peace)
Dill (Money drawing)

14 oz candle volume
Height 8.13 inches
Diameter 2.31 inches

🔥⛔️USE CAUTION when burning all candles, but especially altar candle like these that contain herbs and botanicals. Always burn of heat proof, level surface and never leave unattended.

•Pure Soy Wax
•phthalate, zinc and benzine free
•Handmade candle
•Strongly scented
•long burning
•Essential oil
•Natural stones and crystal
• Responsibly sourced herbs, woods and stones

Handmade in small batches using unique ingredients.