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Manifestation candles - Saffron, Ginger, Tobacco and oud to assist with achieving your goals and dreams. These are scented with Saffron, Ginger, Tobacco and oud and they smell amazing. Manifestation candles use the power of plant allies and stones to assist you in manifesting what you’ve been dreaming of and working towards. These beauties help you focus while meditating and manifesting. The beauty and scent encourage you to light them and do the spiritual work required to see those dreams come to life. Natural long burning crackling wooden wicks. Created in a loving and peaceful space to fill your home with healing energy and blessings. • 8 ounce brown jar •Handmade •wooden wick crackle •Long burning 7-9 hours/ounce •Pure soy wax •patented wooden wicks Volume- Our Pint Mason jar selections hold 12 + ounces of candle Half Pint Mason Jar selections hold 7.5 + oz of candle Our brown jar selections hold 8 oz of candle Specialty vessels wi