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Mana The salve that embodies all that is natural healing. My potion for this salve is a inherited gift used for generations to sooth every little sting, bite, rash, burn or blister. Made from plant allies readily available in the Appalachia mountains and every Granny Womans medicine garden. Held together with responsibly harvested beeswax and provided in a 2 ounce screw top tin to keep it fresh and ready for travel. This potion is for soothing and has a herbaceous nose to it instead of our normal fragrant aroma. You will know you have a powerful medicine as soon as you smell it. •Mugwort 75 mg- Holds the power of healing acne and also invoking lucid dreams as well. •Jewelweed- Known for her fast relief of itching from poison ivy, oak, sumac, and even stinging nettle. •Black Nettle 300 mg - She relieves swelling and pain from burns. Applied to wrists the powerful herb is helpful for nausea. •Camphor- Brings relief from burns and when applied to the chest ai