Love in her eyes Flowers in her hair, Wooden Wick Soy Wax Patchouli Rose

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Love in her eyes, a Wooden Wick Soy Wax romantic candle created with Rose, Lavender, Patchouli, Egyptian aromatic resin oil and notes of woods. A beautiful and nostalgic candle with so many layers! A base of soft Cashmere and hints of lavender, warmed up with patchouli and a top not of pure Rose Absolute oil. Its that hippie chick all grown up and passing out great advice from her plant covered patio over tea. This hand blended candle is married with pure soy wax made from responsibly grown Midwest soy beans and lit with patented Lumetique wood wicks with booster wick. These candles provide a robust crackle and clean, even burn every time they are lit. We hand make our candles from the very beginning to the final touches. Our scents are custom blends added to Midwest soy wax flakes and cooked at the perfect controlled temperatures. We even control the cooling to create the perfect frosting on our candle finishes. Finally we trim the wicks and add our own labels we print in sho