Love and Money, Anointing oil

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Love and Money manifestation and affirmation ceremonial oil. Anointing oil has been used in spiritual practices as long as we have recorded out history. This offering is in a very interesting spray oil as well as a crystal roller ball bottle. My oil is a potion handed down through the herbal healers in my family. She is said to set intentions, protect us from theft, attract blessings and allow us to see live in all vibrations that we may encounter. This is not a magic potion to make things fall into your hands. She is a helper to give a tangible power to our desire to increase our ability to love one another and prosper. Frankincense, Myrrh, Gold and Olive oil have been known since ancient times to be gifts of abundance and love. I add rose, amethyst and jasmine stimulate our connection vibration and allow us to see friendship in its true form. Suggested uses for Love and Money oil are: Always shake well to activate the Diamond Mica sparkle or gently swirl to use oil without the bling. 🙏🏻Personal anointing by applying to head, shoulders, back of hands and the tops of our feet, face and neck to allow attractions to see our inner beauty. The perfect touch to your wrists and hands before job interviews, contract negotiations or personal encounters. 🏡Home: Swiping window sills, door steps and thresholds to protect us from theft and allow for attractions of friendship and love. 💸Cash and coin: Benefit from a touch of this before being spent as well as touching contracts before signing to ensure prosperity. I use a base of olive amd MCT oil and add to it white rose, lavender, marigold and benzoin (Copal), Jasmine, frankincense and myrrh. 🌿Botanicals are added to the infusion to enhance the drawing ability as well as black salt for protection and amethyst for clarity and deflection of negativity as well as attraction of love. 💎Amethyst, Mica and 24 kt gold flakes to open the heart chakra and set intentions for prosperity. White Diamond Mica adds the beautiful sparkle of diamonds to your skin or anything she touches (Shake well for full effect ) Apply 2 sprays to the palm of your hands and apply to tops of shoulders, hands and feet as well as running it through the top of your hair. It smells wonderful and has a very calming and happy effect. The plant allies and oils she holds are believed to deflect negative energy, protect the wearers own vibe and keep your space safe and happy. Anointing oils are often used with prayer and meditation to allow for focus and clarity. We provide a care card for suggested use of our oil but you are always encouraged to find your own way as well. Available in our clear glass spray bottle of 2 Oz (60 ml) or a travel size 10 ml roller bottle. 📢In compliance with Etsy’s policies this is offered as a curiosity and not a cure, treatment or magical spell, it’s a self care intention oil. **PLEASE bear with us while we navigate the pandemic. Our vessels are in a high demand supply chain and our body products might be in different jars, bottles and tins or may have a different colored lid. Our candle lids may be different as well. We are doing our best to true to our style while still providing items for you. Our product have not changed only the containers. If the container your lotion, butter or spray is in or the color of your candle lid is important to you, message us BEFORE purchasing for a current picture. ** Our packaging and kraft paper labels are simple, we concentrate on the luxury ingredients in our products not on expensive packaging. Sleek and modern farmhouse in design and true luxury in form.