Lilith?s Garden, soy candle, Black Rose, patchouli, smoky cumin, peppercorn, Tuberose, Labdanum, ember, Copal, goddess, wooden wick

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Lilith’s Garden - Black Rose, Patchouli, smoky cumin, peppercorn, Tuberose, Labdanum, ember and Copal blend together for this exotic and powerful aroma. Mysterious Dark Rose, Soft Patchouli, Labdanum drift through your space from the first touch of the match, Copal with it exotic resin scent follows with Burning Embers close behind. My minds eye could see Lilith walking through her Garden Gate picking flowers and medicinal herbs with the smell of distant fires in the air, smiling to herself because she was no ones servant. The scents in this candle compliment each other and leave you trying to identify which ones you are smelling. It’s a constant change to your senses. Strong, mysterious and intriguing. •100% Midwest Soy wax •Natural Patented Lumentique wooden wick •Handmade Lotion: