Leaves of Three, Poison ivy relief, skin care, itch relief, rash, essential oil, all natural, aloe, essential oil, chemical free

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If it has LEAVES OF THREE, let it be. If you didn’t heed the warning, we have a treatment. A natural mountain medicine potion to stop the scratching and dry the hives. This potion is good for any itch you need to scratch on exposed skin. Potion: Aloe Vera juice, MCT oil, essential oil of Jewel Weed and Plantain extract with a touch of Apple cider vinegar to aid in healing with Lavender essential oil to calm angry skin. REMEMBER: Always see a medical professional for serious illnesses, test this tincture on healthy skin before using it on a rash. If you are allergic to nuts or any of the listed ingredients, this isn’t for you. We present it in an Amber glass 2 ounce bottle to prevent loss of potency. Added to the bottle, to ensure a consistent blend when shaken, areTigers eye stones for added protection and because we love stones and crystals. Our potions contain no additives, alcohol or preservatives and as such must be shaken to blend the oils prior to spraying. Be sure to remove those when the potion is gone and place with your other stones and crystals. The bottle can be reused for your own personal blend and the stones may be left in if desired. I recommend cleaning the bottle and stones well and filling with spring water and returning the stones for a great on the go facial spritz to refresh and protect. **PLEASE bear with us while we navigate the pandemic. Our vessels are in a high demand supply chain and our body products might be in different jars, bottles and tins or may have a different colored lid. Our candle lids may be different as well. We are doing our best to true to our style while still providing items for you. Our product have not changed only the containers. If the container your lotion, butter or spray is in or the color of your candle lid is important to you, message us BEFORE purchasing for a current picture. ** Our packaging and kraft paper labels are simple, we concentrate on the luxury ingredients in our products not on expensive packaging. Sleek and modern farmhouse in design and true luxury in form.