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👸🏼Lavender Vinegar, another nearly lost potion from medical journals of days gone by. A simple but extremely effective external tonic that has been used for years for beauty and hygiene. Great for calming angry or itchy skin, combating acne and tightening and toning delicate facial and neck skin. Gentle enough to be used every day. Spray 2-3 times into a pad or swab and clean face, using upward motions. 💆🏼‍♀️It's a wonderful conditioner for an itchy soap, dandruff and it leaves your hair shiny and bouncy without any weighted down feeling, tames natural curls and combats frizz. You can add 2 T. to a spritz bottle and spray hair after shampooing, add to your conditioner or simply rinse over your hair (don't take the glass bottle into the shower, safety first, rinse at the sink). 🦟It works wonders to repel mosquitos when sprayed or wiped on your skin, focus on pulse points behind the knees, inside elbows, neck and wrists.