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Orange Blossom, Sweetgrass, Sandalwood, Sage wooden wick, soy wax Mason Jar Grounding candle. Our Joshua Tree Grounding candle line is made with the intention of assisting with spiritual and soulful grounding. What is spiritual grounding? Spiritual grounding means having a solid spiritual connection to Mother Earth. Because all humans are forms or beings of energy, it is our natural tendency to drift or float on other currents. This is a problem when it becomes more of a constant. Now, drifting or floating around may sound like a lot of fun, it can be very distracting and disruptive. Not being grounded, or being ungrounded can have some rather nasty side effects including, inattention, inability to focus, sleep disturbance, anxiety and even physical symptoms from headaches to exhaustion. Grounding is a process where you establish a deep connection with the earth. Classic grounding is performed by being barefoot on the earth, visualizing roots growing from your heart to deep wi