Its Ok to Take a Break, candle, soy wax candle, rest candle, brown jar, self care, sea salt, cedar, wood sage, luxury scent, holistic health

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It's Ok to take a Break- WOOD, SAGE, CEDAR, SEA SALT Calming, Centering, Recharging Offered as part of our Un-Medicine Cabinet line up, specifically curated to give you a way to build a self care tool kit that requires little working knowledge of aromatherapy or reading lengthy descriptions and applications. The label will tell you what you need it for. You can easily and affordably build a tool kit (that still looks good on a shelf) for easy grab and light aromatherapy options. It's Ok To Take a Break is a subtle and relaxing blend of Wood Sage, Sea Salt and Cedar for a therb spa experience in a candle. The smell of those wonderful day spas we all long for but don't have the time, finances or patience for. Light one of these, grab a hot tea and maybe even put a hot wash cloth on your face and sit down for a few minutes (or hours), you NEED it and DESERVE IT. I love this one for the bathroom, lit before a long steamy sower, it truly is like a mini trip to chillaxing