Individual Fragranced Melts, 100% Soy wax tarts, long lasting scent, triple scented, phthalate free, tarts, flameless, scent melts

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Long lasting 1 ounce individual wax tarts. Crafted by hand with 100% natural soy wax, essential oil and phthalate free fragrance. Available in a variety of triple scented scents. ***Please see description under each candle listing of the same name for detailed scent profile, we don't have the editing space to list each scent profile here*** Our tarts are designed to work in all UL approved wax melters. This listing is for our 1 ounce wax melts, our 3 oz are available here: FRENCH LAVENDER A calming blend of Vanilla and French Blue Lavender --------------------- GATHER WITH GRATEFUL HEARTS A strong, spicy and nostalgic scent to make your space feel like a home. --------------------- HEXED Hexed Or Just Real Unlucky, mysterious floral/herbal scent Notes: Top: French lavender, Moss Middle: Lily of the valley, Oakmoss Bottom: Musk, Night Blooming Jasmine ---------------------- RUSSIAN TEA Mulled Black Tea with notes of Winter spice, Orange and Sugar ---------------