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Hag candle, Anointed and Blessed, ritual Candle, Outdoor Fire Starter Pure beeswax taper candle dressed with dried roses, lavender, lemon balm, patchouli, peppermint and sage and anointed with essential oil. 🔥⛔️ HAG CANDLES BURN LIKE FIRE STARTERS AND ARE ONLY INTENDED TO BE BURNED OUTSIDE IN CONTROLLED SETTINGS OR USED AS DECOR PIECES UNLIT. NEVER BURN INSIDE OR UNATTENDED AT ALL, EVER, LIKE NEVER EVER EVER🔥⛔️ Each 9 1/2 - 10 inch candle is anointed with oil of nag champa, frankincense, dragons blood oil, myrrh and jasmine essential oil and dressed with dried rose, patchouli, lavender, sage, peppermint and lemon balm. I also offer wax melts made with the same wax/herbs/oils the Hag candles are made from for times when you can't use your Hag Candle outside. These are made with the same beeswax blend and anointing oil, they smell very strongly of the resins/oils I anoint the candles with. If you are sensitive to strong resins, these aren't for you. They smell like a head shop or metaphysical store. 🌚These candles have a 1/2 inch base which accommodates most chamber sticks, setting your candle may be necessary or preferred and instructions are included. 🕯Hag Taper- 9 1/2 - 10 inch with 1/2 inch base Average 5.l5 ounces Average 5 hours burn time depending on process 💀Molded Skull Candle SHIPPED WITH WICK NOT IN PLACE Our skull candles are shipped with a wick separate from the candle for safety reasons. We build these candles/torches with a space for the wick to be placed by you (wick is included) if you choose to use it outside after following safety instructions or to be displayed without the wick and used as a decorative curiosity. 3.14 Tall x 4.3 inches front to back and 2.7 inches wide Weighs in at 9-10 ounces, weight varies due to botanicals and stones ☕️Glass Tea Light Set 0.5 ounces of candle in each glass tea light cup, 4 candles per set 🖤Fire Starter Heart Candle 2.75-3 ounces with a cotton wick, perfect for blessing a campfire, firepit or outdoor fireplace. Sold individually boxed. Hag/Witch candles are used : 🕯 As a beautiful centerpiece and offering to your altar. 🌿To compliment any goddess of the Spring 😊or basic girls home decor. 🔥As a smudge to cleanse your space prior to ceremonies. 🔮To elicit thinning of the veil and communication with spirit guides. 🙏🏻To set intentions and dispel the unwanted. To set your candle in a handmade or candle stick or a larger vessel simply light the candle and drip wax to a dime size area and hold the candle base in place for 30 seconds or so to “set” or lock it into place. These candles are anointed with essential oil for protection and kindness, dressed with herbs and flowers to create a peaceful space as well as dispel negativity. Hag candles are equally powerful/useful unlit as they are burned. Please remember to never leave a candle unattended, especially a dressed candle as the flowers and herbs increase the risk for accidental fire. My Hag candles are heavily dressed with herbs and flowers and as such tend to produce sparks and ash and should be burned with knowledge and caution. ***Always extinguish your candle properly after use by using a snuffer or dipping into water or sand, never blow your candle out as that is believed to blow the magic away. These are specialty curiosity candles and should be used either for decoration or safe outside ceremonies.*** Each candle is handmade and will vary in appearance from the candle pictured, but be very similar. **To comply with Etsy policies, these candles are a curiosity only. ** Our packaging and kraft paper labels are simple, we concentrate on the luxury ingredients in our products not on expensive packaging. Sleek and modern farmhouse in design and true luxury in form.