Garden Balm, jewelweed, itch relief, eczema, dry skin, acne, burn, psoriasis, chapped skin, homeopathic, all natural, bees wax

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Leaves of three Every gardener needs a tin of this in their tool bag! Perfect for common scratches and nicks in the garden and a miracle worker on mosquito bites and poison leaves. This potion is for soothing and has a herbaceous nose to it instead of our normal fragrant aroma. You will know you have a powerful medicine as soon as you smell it. Plantain - Wound healing and anti-inflammatory Mugwort - Holds the power of healing acne and also invoking lucid dreams as well. Jewelweed- Known for her fast relief of itching from poison ivy, oak, sumac, and even stinging nettle. Black Nettle - She relieves swelling and pain from burns. Applied to wrists the powerful herb is helpful for nausea. Lavender Bloom Oil - Calms angry skin irritations Camphor- Brings relief from burns and when applied to the chest aids breathing ailments. Black Cumin Seed oil- Increases elasticity in cuticles and promotes healing of scars. •Tobacco - Relieves pain and itching from bee stings and helps ea