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Leaves of three

Every gardener needs a tin of this in their tool bag! Perfect for common scratches and nicks in the garden and a miracle worker on mosquito bites and poison leaves.

This potion is for soothing and has a herbaceous nose to it instead of our normal fragrant aroma. You will know you have a powerful medicine as soon as you smell it.

Plantain - Wound healing and anti-inflammatory
Mugwort - Holds the power of healing acne and also invoking lucid dreams as well.
Jewelweed- Known for her fast relief of itching from poison ivy, oak, sumac, and even stinging nettle.
Black Nettle - She relieves swelling and pain from burns. Applied to wrists the powerful herb is helpful for nausea.
Lavender Bloom Oil - Calms angry skin irritations
Camphor- Brings relief from burns and when applied to the chest aids breathing ailments.
Black Cumin Seed oil- Increases elasticity in cuticles and promotes healing of scars. •Tobacco - Relieves pain and itching from bee stings and helps ease removal of splinters
Wild Rose Hip oil- Relieves pain from her very source; thorns and stickers.
Sweet Almond Oil and Beeswax to create a soothing base for the powerful plant allies.

All ingredients are cruelty free as well as responsibly sourced and harvested.

**ALWAYS consult your healthcare provider for serious skin, nail and health issues. Our homeopathic balms are intended to be used in concert with your providers care plan and are not a replacement for medical advise**
**PLEASE bear with us while we navigate the pandemic. Our vessels are in a high demand supply chain and our body products might be in different jars, bottles and tins or may have a different colored lid. Our candle lids may be different as well.
We are doing our best to true to our style while still providing items for you. Our product have not changed only the containers.
If the container your lotion, butter or spray is in or the color of your candle lid is important to you, message us BEFORE purchasing for a current picture. **

All of our skin care products are packaged by weight, not volume. If your container looks a little short, not to worry it has a minimum of .25 oz above the stated weight as we weigh as we package for accuracy.