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Fukitol Magnesium Chloride Oil Spray A hypertonic solution of Magnesium Chloride, Deionized water, isopropyl alcohol (99.9%), Witch hazel hydrosol and lavender essential oil. Four sprays contains about 0.6 ml of solution with around 20 mg of bioavailable MgCl (magnesium chloride ). Our Fukitol holistic muscle and mental calming solution is a great tool to use for calming down muscles, restlessness, moodiness and helping to relieve headaches, anxiety and overall sense of just saying Fuck it all!! We filled our large 4 oz matter black bottles with this and created a funny label for it, because you know...thats what I do. Is it a good replacement for dietary magnesium? NO. You really can't beat a healthy diet and great hydration for optimal MgCl levels, but who really is able to do that consistently? Using a topical as part of a nightly sleep ritual is one way of being consistent and seeing benefits. How about using it instead of the magnesium supplements my healthcare provider suggested? NO. Never and I mean NEVER replace anything your healthcare provider has advised you to use with something you found out in the wild. Talk to your HCP first and then adjust if appropriate. Will it work after just one use? NO Its an awesome potion, filled with skin, muscle and nerve loving ingredients but its not magic (well sorta) and will need to be used consistently to obtain the best results. Most people notice results after a week of daily use. So, it's not a miracle spray and should NEVER be used in place of a treatment your healthcare team has suggested. It is a good topical supplement that works well to provide relief when applied correctly and used consistently. This is my go to for so many things that make their presence known in the evenings such as- Sore muscles Restlessness Headaches Dry skin Sleep disturbances Anxiety Aching joints Grumpy moods Skin Balancing Its also amazing at popping up those dehydrated skin cells and helping your skin look healthier and younger and leaves a wonderful soft touch behind it. I use it at bedtime on my face for a less puffy and more rested appearance in the morning. Spray it into your hands and gently apply it to a freshly exfoliated face. 🧪Magnesium is essential for the regulation of muscular contraction, blood pressure, insulin metabolism, cardiac excitability, vasomotor tone, nerve transmission and neuromuscular conduction. Imbalances in magnesium status, primarily hypomagnesaemia (low) as it is seen more often than hypermagnesemia (high) might result in unwanted neuromuscular, cardiac or nervous disorders. 🧬Does magnesium oil actually work when applied transdermally (on the skin)? The answer is... a strong maybe. There has been so much research toward this over the last decade, but it still remains inconclusive as there are so many independent factors that contribute to absorption. 🔬At the risk of boring you with all the scientific facts, here's a few important facts you need to know when using Magnesium oil. Dry skin and dead skin cells do not have magnesium receptors so the bioavailable magnesium isn't absorbed well when applied to these areas. Also, the vast majority of magnesium receptors are located in hard follicles and sweat glands. The take away from this, if you are trying to raise your serum magnesium levels you likely won't from a magnesium spray or lotion. If your are trying to relieve general muscle aches, tension and pain from a topical product, you need to prepare the area you are applying it to. Clean, exfoliated and gently dried skin is the best place to start. Exfoliate your skin (gently) and apply 2-3 spray of Magnesium spray and massage in, you can repeat this twice daily. It is normal to feel a slight tingling sensation when applying this product, if it bothersome, discontinue use and wash skin. ⛔️Before using magnesium chloride, tell your doctor about all your medical conditions or allergies, all medicines you use, and if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Legal Disclaimer - WARNING- For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. The magical plant properties are listed for holistic-aromatherapy use and should not be taken as medical advice Our packaging and kraft paper labels are simple, we concentrate on the luxury ingredients in our products not on expensive packaging. 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