Florida Water Hand Wash, heirloom recipe soap

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Florida Water infused liquid hand soap made with our own family recipe for Florida Water and skin loving liquid soap with the botanical powers of: Organic Jojoba Oil Lavender Hydrosol Chamomile Distillate Wheat Protein Provitamin B5 Olive Oil Rosehip Seed Oil We start with our base and add our own Florida Water essential oil blend (minus the alcohol) for a thick and bubbly version of our Florida water or a Spiritual and self care cleanser for your perfect bath supply shelf! This is a perfect extra step to ritual cleansing, energy resetting or deflecting negativity. The added bonus to the magical curiosities of these soaps is you will smell and feel divine. The unique blend of Peppermint, Rose, Clove, Copal, Jasmine and Lavender is not only a mood lifter and negative energy and vibration deflector, but a treat for the senses of everyone around. We offer this listing in 🌿Our 8 ounce Brown Xmber shatterproof bottles with pump caps, perfect for keeping at sink side in the