Florida Water Bath Salt, small batch, ritual cleansing, essential oil, protection, bad vibe cleanser, self care, evil eye

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Ritual Bath Salt Made with our small batch in house crafted Florida Water. Mixed and dried into a blend of Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt (Magnesium), botanicals and Baking Soda. Perfect for a ritual cleansing bath before important events, activities that involve exposure to crowds or after a day of such exposure to cleanse and reset. Offered in : 15 Oz bags 2 Oz Test Tubes We make our Florida Water in house from a century old recipe using natural ingredients crafted and curated specifically for this recipe. Florida (Flower) water was originally a recipe circulated between households before the days of common indoor plumbing. It was a common and easy to make “cologne” used before the convenience of every day baths. In the late 1800’s the first recorded use of Florida Water for a household cleaner and spiritual cleanser was recorded. Housewives would add the water to warm water for use as a deodorizer and cleanser. It was appreciated for its ability to rid