Emergency candle - unscented and fragrance free - soy wax wooden wick candle - Sans Parfume

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Unscented, Fragrance free candle, perfect to store long-term for emergencies, power failures, winter car safety or just when you want an unscented crackling flame in your space. Pure Soy candle unscented and handmade with a wooden wick in a vintage inspired brown glass jar. Non Parfumé is our unscented 100% pure soy candle lit with a wooden wick. Pure Midwest Soy wax and a responsibly sourced wooden wick... that’s it. This candle is perfect for dinner parties when you want the ambiance of a clean candle but no competition of scents to interfere with your dinner scents. Candle lovers with scent sensitivities will appreciate this candle as well. All of the charm and comfort of a dancing flame for your decor with no scent. •100% Natural soy wax made from Midwest soybeans •Recyclable American made glass Candles made from soy wax have a natural wax aroma which is not noticeable when burning. Our candles are an affordable luxury you can feel good about addi