Dolce Far Niente, Sweetness of Doing Nothing, soy wax, wooden wick candle, crackling candle, calming candle, Cantaloupe, exotic resin

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I curated this candle to stop your busy life and relax and do what some would call "nothing". Of course it is something, but not those things we must do everyday, not the boring, monotonous or mundane. Calm your soul and get you set for a relaxing vibe to finish off your day. Do those things that you can never do enough, the things that bring you joy, read a book, knit a sweater, enjoy a hot cuppa without it getting cold or forgotten. Get up in the morning and put your favorite pair of pajamas on and spend the day purposefully in your PJ's with messy hair, bake bread go to an antique store and just look at every single thing in it. Do all this without a moment of guilt for doing what you want. This candle is the perfect companion for just that day. Soft florals perfectly blend with ripe melon, warm Mediterranean breezes and ozone. Note Profile: Top: Cantelope, Mint Middle: aromatic resin Base: Lily, Orchid Available in: Pint Mason 12 + OZ Half P