Creamsicle shower gel, Orange, Self Care, body wash, liquid soap, coconut oil, argan oil, vanilla, ice cream, summer soap, self care

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Our blend of all the super essential oils for calming and anxiety relief. The same scent profile as our Creamsicle sugar scrub, candle and lotion, bright and sweet Orange essential oil with a base scent of vanilla. Apply liberally to your shower poof and message for all the luxurious bubbles. Pure essential oils, extracts and phthalate free fragrances are blended into natural Castile soap for a skin softening, hydrating and cleansing self care routine. Offered in 8 Oz and 2 Oz Amber shower safe plastic squeeze bottles. **Colors of bottles may vary depending pn the supply chain, ask before purchasing if this is important to you** We have a candle selection in the same scent profile also —-Legal Stuffs—— **ALLERGEN WARNING: Recipe contains ingredients made from tree nuts. Do not use if your allergic to nuts or biproducts of nuts. Do not use on children under age 2 as our products contain essential oils which can cause allergic reactio