Come to Momma, anointing, intention, oil, self care, infusion, rose, spiritual, house blessing, grounding oil, manifesting, affirmation

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Anointing oil has been used in spiritual practices as long as we have recorded out history. My oils are potion handed down through the herbal healers in my family, found in grimoires and some original creations I’ve learned on my own path. This offering is an oldie. The plant allies in her are often referred as a Love and Money blend although they are so much more than that. Suggested uses for Come to Momma oil are: Personal anointing by applying to head, shoulders, back of hands and the tops of our feet. Home: Swiping window sills, door steps and thresholds to draw and attract friends and prosperity. Brooms benefit from a touch of this oil before sweeping off porches and porch steps to bring luck and health to the home. I use a base of virgin olive oil and MCT oil and add to it frankincense, lavender, Myrrh, benzoin (Copal), Rose and hemp. Botanicals are added to the infusion to enhance the drawing ability as well as salt for protection. Tigers eye for clarity an