Christmas and Fall Fragrance Melts, 100% Soy wax tart, triple scented, phthalate free, electric melters, wax tart, flameless, Christmas,

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Seasonal Fragrance Melts, 100% Soy wax tart, Fall and Autumn, long lasting scent, triple scented, phthalate free, for use in tea light and UL approved wax warmers. Long lasting 3 ounce tarts, Scented with 3x the scent allowed in candles for a strong and long lasting scent. Crafted by hand with 100% natural soy wax, essential oil and phthalate free fragrance. HEAT ADVISORY Due to extreme heat in parts of the United States, wax melts might arrive melted. If this is an issue for you, do not order until the temps drop back to the low 80's. If this isn't an issue for you or you are willing to risk it, let your melts sit in an upright position for 24 hours prior to using them to avoid leaking. Available in a variety of triple scented scents. ***Please see description under each candle listing for detailed scent profile, we don't have the editing space to list each scent profile here*** Our tarts are designed to work in all UL approved wax melters Our packaging and k