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Of course it really doesn’t contain Chloroform, but you might feel like it does after using it 😂.

Our blend of all the super essential oils for calming and anxiety relief.

Lavender, Sage, Chamomile, Musk, amber, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Vetiver and Patchouli.

Hand crafted in small batches with decadent ingredients including coconut cream, goats milk, lavender, mugwort and chamomile with rich Shea Butter.

Our beautiful moon face bars and swirled with soothing oatmeal to add to their pretty faces. They are too pretty to use, but go ahead!!

•Goats milk and coconut cream soften the skin and leave a mellow, clean scent.
•Calming essential oil blends, perfect for bedtime and to soften and smooth dry or irritated skin.

Available styles

Bar soap is available in 2.75-3 ounce molded bars.

4 piece skull guest soap or sample set 0.75 oz average each

All our items are handmade, poured and cut individually and as such may vary ever so slightly, bars range from 2.75 to nearly 3.25 ounces as they are poured and trimmed organically without the use of a machine to add to the handmade experience for both you and me, no two are exactly alike.

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Ingredients: Saponified oil of Coconut and Olive, Goat Milk, Shea Butter, Powdered yogurt, Oats, Essential Oil and Fragrance

All of our skin care products are packaged by weight, not volume. If your container looks a little short, not to worry it has a minimum of .25 oz above the stated weight as we weigh as we package for accuracy.