Caramel Pumpkin Cheese Cake, soy wax wooden wick candle, mason jar, Holiday Candle, autumn, farmhouse, butter, orange peel, caramel, maple

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Caramel Pumpkin Cheese Cake The sweet scent of pure spicy pumpkin begins from the first light of the wick. As the candle melts to the crackle of the wooden wick the top note of whipped cream cheese and drizzled caramel begins followed by buttery Graham crackers with hints of citrus. This scent is so sweet you almost need a cup of coffee with it! It mingles wonderfully in the background with all your end of Summer and Fall home fragrances. I am particulaly fond of it burning with our Baked Apple to compliment it. We blend our custom designed scent with pure soy wax made from responsibly grown Midwest soy beans and lit with patented Lumetique wicks with booster wick. These candles provide a robust crackle and clean, even burn every time they are lit. This is a sophisticated take on a seasonal favorite. The complex scent of this candle will take you from summers end into spring. The beautiful pumpkin colored candle blends well with any fall décor or space. This fragrance is i