Campfire Stories, soy wax, wooden wick candle

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Campfire Stories, Wooden Wick, Soy Wax Candle. Note Profile: Top: Embers Middle: Oak, Char Base: Cinnamon, Coffee Smoky Embers mingle with the scent of sweet, toasted marshmallow and campfire coffee. This candle brings back memories from childhood to your last summer, fireside chats and shenanigans, ghost stories, strong coffee and gooey melted marshmallows dripping off burnt sticks. We added a touch of Rocko coffee infused oil for a warm, sexy and comfy candle to get you all the way through the holidays and winter. We have taken care to balance the scent profile of this candle to not allow any one of its characteristics to overpower any other. Perfect for a background fragrance to any holiday, home or space. This essential oil and fragrance blended candle has a natural and organic look to its finish and is free of harmful chemicals. This is a slow burning candle that will hold a beautiful flame and crackle robustly. •Wooden wick Lumentique®️ Double layer