Cactus Dew, Prickley Pear wrinkle minimizing-Cream to Gel treatment, acne reducer, skin smoother, night time treatment, puffy skin reducer

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There's been a lot of hype and high cost associated with the "new miracle gel" containing prickly pear extract. Some of these big name brands go for nearly $150 per ounce! In typical Me fashion, I set about experimenting to see if I couldn't come up with a more cost effective way to provide this plant extract for myself and you. Well here we are...With Prickly Pear extract, CoQ10 and a wealth of other plant based ingredients to sooth your skin, reduce puffiness and inflammation, increase hydration, and just all over super hydrate that parched and delicate skin on that beautiful face of yours. This potion comes as a cream that just melts into a gel on contact, releasing its magic deep into your skin and it only takes a tiny amount to do the job. I use it after cleansing and applying my Rose Hip Toner, gently tap it onto your skin and smooth in upward circular motions them seal it in with a few pumps of Ms. Laundys Oil. I use it every morning and before bed a