Blessed - Wooden wick soy wax mason jar candle

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Blessed Wooden wick soy wax mason jar candle Notes- Top: Vanilla Bean, Steamed Milk Middle - Autumn Spices Bottom- Browned Butter, Burnt Sugar Warm Fall spices mingled with sweet burnt sugar, brown butter and vanilla. The light and sweet scent of steamed milk adds an almost latte topping or egg nog scent to this wonderfully warm and cozy candle. The sound of the wooden wick crackling brings about thoughts of sitting in a comfy chair in front of a fireplace with your hands wrapped around a steamy cuppa! The pure white tint, linen label, matte black metal lid and nostalgic mason jar add the perfect farmhouse or minimalist vibe to your cooler weather decor. Light on of these beauties and settle into a comfy chair and count the blessings you've received this year and the ones yet to come. •Pure Soy Wax •phthalate, zinc and benzine free •Handmade candle •Strongly scented •long burning •Essential oil WARNING Burn within sight. Keep away from fl