Bless Your Heart, Clary Sage, Palo Santo, Sea Salt, Soy Wax, housewarming, blessing candle, lavender, witch, mason jar candle

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Bless Your Heart 🖤 An enchanted blend of Clary, Russian and Garden Sage essential oils, along with pure, responsibly harvested Palo Santo essential oil and a touch of lavender magic. Our first batch in our new studio space! Perfect for when your space needs a good smudging but you can’t break out a Sage bundle to smudge. This candle is intended to elevate your intentions and bring blessing, calmness and abundance to your space or anyone you bless with it as well. We left these special edition candles untinted for a beautiful and calming white color to blend with your decor as well as serve as a universal color for your alter, prayer corner or meditation space. Available as: Pint Mason Jar 12+ Oz (7-9 hours burn time per Oz) Half Pint Jar 7.5 + Oz (7-9 hours burn time per oz) Our vessels are intended to be cleaned and reused when your creation is completed. Mason jars are perfect stash jars for crystals, herbs, desk supplies, cotton swabs or balls or even chang