Blackberry + Saffron + Tobacco wooden wick, soy wax candle, sexy candle, farmhouse, home fragrance, crackling wick, mason jar candle

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Black Berry + Saffron + Tobacco wooden wick soy wax candle tinted a lovely romantic shade of dark lilac and offered in a classic mason jar with a matte black lid.

The sweet scent go ripe blackberry is accompanied by sexy saffron and rich tobacco for a wonderfully unexpected and elevated twist on a summer classic.

Top note- blackberry
Middle note- saffron
Bottom note- Tobacco

The creamy texture of this cheerful lilac tinted candle will flawlessly flow into any decor.

The Patented Lumetique wooden wick adds a warm and welcoming flicker and robust crackle.

•Pure 100 % Midwest soy wax for clean even burn

•Responsibly sourced Wooden Wick brand Lumetique wicks.

•Long burning recipe for 7-10 hours/Oz , fully scented candle.

•Reusable Glass mason jar and metal lid

Our Pint Mason jar selections hold 12 + ounces of candle Half Pint Mason Jar selections hold 7.5 + oz of candle
Our brown jar selections hold 8 oz of candle
Specialty vessels will have their volume in each listing.

Our wooden wick candles are NOT ASSOCIATED with Newell Brands Inc. and its subsidiaries, including the WOODWICK(R) brand.
We proudly use Lumentique patented wicks from The Wooden Wick, Co. exclusively in the making of our candles.
“Lumetique Wooden Wick Technology” means all patents, patent applications, know-how and trade secrets relating to wooden wicks owned or controlled by Lumetique, Inc. including, without limitation, such technology covered by claims included in U.S. Design Patents Nos. US D644,359, US D643,554, US D644,360, US D678,558, US D705,459