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Black salt has been made and used for centuries for protection and cleansing. This offering is for 18 ounces in a glass heavy bottom bottle. I start with herbs grown in may own garden without pesticides or fertilizers. I dry and burn these herbs and flowers then grind them into pink Himalayan sea salt and kosher salt. I layer this crafted black salt with pink Himalayan sea salt for cleansing and Rose and lavender for openness and to draw positive vibes in. The process is labor intensive, but a true labor of love. Each batch is blessed with a charm and chant intended to protect the user from harm and act a shield against malice and bad vibes. I seal the salt in a glass bottle with black wax to add another layer of protection as part of the charm. To use simply cut the wax off with a knife (carefully) as you would a wine bottle. I feel that simply having the bottle unopened in your space works as an amulet for protection. If you aren't familiar with the practice and would like guidance in using it, here are some common ways to use it. Sprinkle the mixture around the entry points of your home Place in a medicine bag to wear or a small container to carry. Fill and altar dish (or any pretty bowl) with it and place in your space in a common area if tour home. Prayer candles can be rolled in the mixture or rolled in it (votive or pillar) add to a spray bottle 1-12 parts and spray around the outside of your home. If you don't use this as part of a religious ritual, it makes a beautiful curiosity in your space as well. Our packaging and kraft paper labels are simple, we concentrate on the luxury ingredients in our products not on expensive packaging. Sleek and modern farmhouse in design and true luxury in form.  All pictures, videos, descriptions and content on our printed material, website, blog and social media is the property of Teresa Lynn's Simple Luxuries, LLC. ©2016-2023 Teresa Lynn's Simple Luxuries® ALLERGIES AND SENSITIVITIES Are scented candles and skincare products triggers for asthma or allergies? Although millions of Americans regularly use scented products without any negative effects, it is always possible that a particular fragrance might trigger a negative reaction in a very small percentage of sensitive individuals. Individuals with known sensitivities to specific fragrances may want to avoid products of those scents. In addition, consumers should remember to burn all candles, whether scented or unscented, in a well-ventilated area and test skincare products in a small area before use.