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I formulated and created this potion for those times when I feel like Alice (after she drinks the potion) small, weak and just out of sorts. It is a great tool for myself, and hopefully you, to center, calm and rest to allow the anxiety to subside and get your muchness back.

Our blend of magnesium, deionized water and essential oils for calming and anxiety relief.

Lavender essential oil is blended into our luxury potion for an anytime touch of self care.

Apply to your linens or clean skin on hands arms and exposed surfaces. Be sure to cup your hands over your nose at about 1 inch away and take long deep breaths in and slow breaths out after applying this potion for the full calming effect.

Perfect for conditioning those over washed hands too!

Pure essential oil and magnesium oil is blended into potion and cold whipped to create a calming veil of fragrance to wrap yourself in calming comfort.

Offered in Frosted Amber Glass bottles with Amethyst stones for blending (save those when the potion is gone).

Sample size lotion available here :


—-Legal Stuffs——

**ALLERGEN WARNING: Recipe contains ingredients made from tree nuts. Do not use if your allergic to nuts or biproducts of nuts.

Do not use on children under age 2 as our products contain essential oils which can cause allergic reactions in children.

Always test new products on a small area of skin prior to use. Discontinue if itching, rash or reaction occurs and consult your healthcare provider if symptoms persist. **

**PLEASE bear with us while we navigate the pandemic. Our vessels are in a high demand supply chain and our body products might be in different jars, bottles and tins or may have a different colored lid. Our candle lids may be different as well.
We are doing our best to true to our style while still providing items for you. Our product have not changed only the containers.
If the container your lotion, butter or spray is in or the color of your candle lid is important to you, message us BEFORE purchasing for a current picture. **

All of our skin care products are packaged by weight, not volume. If your container looks a little short, not to worry it has a minimum of .25 oz above the stated weight as we weigh as we package for accuracy.